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Asia 3000 Capital Group Co. Ltd. has garnered a diverse global clientele across various industries. As a pioneering FINTECH company, Asia 3000 Capital stands out by seamlessly integrating its IT and banking services proudly leads the way in providing capital solutions for Southeast Asia, making it a one-stop destination for all your financial needs Expanding to North America and partnering exclusively with ATT UNITED Group of Companies—now manages total assets exceeding 3,000+ T AUM, equivalent to more than US$ 12.36 billion (rounded off).


Our mission is to become The Leader of one-stop-shop capital solutions provider in the country. We are committed to delivering quality products and services promptly, all while maintaining competitive pricing. Our pursuit of excellence is fueled by continuous research and development.


As the leader of Trust & Timing Company, our vision is to revolutionize investment banking and capital solutions by pioneering innovative approaches in the FINTECH and digital landscape. We envision a future where our proprietary platform sets new industry standards, empowering clients with seamless, efficient, and strategic financial solutions.

Since its founding in the 70's, ATTC Financial & GRP UNITED International ® now, Asia 3000 Capital Group™ Co. managing ASIA and ATT UNITED GROUP managing North & South America including AFRICA, (ATTC Group & ATT UNITED GROUP) has been the go-to company for financial and capital needs been the trusted destination for financial and capital solutions. Our offerings span from $10 million to over $10 billion, strategically aligned with branding initiatives for the digital age and the new world order. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Cambodia, with branches globally Asia 3000 Capital Group™ (ATTCG) boasts ownership of more than 3,000 registered trademarks, including patents and proprietary assets. For capital and partnership inquiries, please reach out to our official TEAM CONNECT email:


Timely Delivery

As part of our Trust The Timing™ platform, we prioritize fast and efficient delivery without compromising quality.

Global delivery

As an International Funder, our global approach combines efficiency and innovation, ensuring impactful results across borders

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Quality First™

Mr. Toure, recently appointed as the CEO of ASIA 3000 CAPITAL (2023), brings an impressive professional track record spanning over 15 years. His expertise covers operations, credit and consumer banking, credit analysis, retail banking, cash management, customer service, marketing, relationship management, and public sector engagement. With exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, Mr. Toure aims to enhance the organization’s decision-making processes, ensuring sustainable profitability and a competitive edge. He values collaborative work relationships and is dedicated to delivering top-quality service in a dynamic, merit-driven environment that fosters career growth. Additionally, Mr. Toure holds the position of President and CEO at TH PHARMA Network and QUALITY FIRST HOLDINGS.

Modi M.T.

Chief Executive Officer


Trust The Timing™

Mr. Elmer JC, the author of ‘Trust The Timing,’ holds a registered trademark for his work, which was acquired by Asia 3000 Capital in May 2023. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Elmer is a seasoned executive in general management, sales, marketing, and solutions architecture. His expertise spans the IP, ICT, telecommunications, multimedia, and cloud platform industries. Recently, he was promoted to the position of Group Executive Vice President at Asia 3000 Capital Group Co. Ltd., a prominent SEED venture capital firm specializing in capital appreciation and growth strategies across Asia Pacific and Oceania.

Elmer J.C.

Group Executive Vice President


To Year 3000 & Beyond!

Mr. Uriarte’s impressive background spans 14 years across diverse fields such as the Hospitality Industry, Import/Export, IT Sales Management, Administration, Business Development, Purchasing, and Customs Regulations. His Graduate Degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major in Tax and Customs Administration, along with an Associate degree in Computer Science, underscores his commitment to excellence. Notably, his ability to create long-term strategic plans and communicate effectively with decision-makers sets him apart. Furthermore, his fluency in English enhances his versatility.

Jon J.U.

Chief Technology Officer


World wide fintech delivery

Our Services

At Asia3000Capital for Business, our primary mission is to facilitate financing solutions for startups, catering to both small and large enterprises. 

Our Values - Integrity, professionalism, and client focus is at the core of everything we do at ASIA 3000 CAPITAL. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and providing exceptional service to our clients.

We support a diverse range of endeavors, including start-ups, everyday entrepreneurs, freelancers, business solutions, creative minds, innovative groups, music ventures, technology expansion funding, and work-life balance advocates.

Startups Bridging and STF Investment

STF means Sustainable Short Term Financing


Stocks / Securities Based Lines of Credit. These allow you to use your taxable brokerage account's

BA and M&A

Effective business acquisition strategy is crucial for our success. Here are some of our highlight's the strength of our brand.

Startups Bridging and STF Investment

Startups Bridging:

This term typically refers to financial arrangements that bridge the gap between initial startup funding and subsequent rounds of investment.

Startups often need short-term financing to cover operational costs, product development, or marketing efforts while awaiting larger funding rounds.

It’s essential for startups to carefully manage these bridge loans to ensure they align with their growth trajectory.

STF (Short-Term Financing):

STF is a financing approach designed to meet immediate funding needs.

Unlike long-term financing (such as traditional loans), STF focuses on short timeframes (usually less than a year).

Common examples of STF include working capital loans, trade finance, and inventory financing.

When considering STF, businesses must assess their cash flow, repayment capacity, and specific project requirements.


Remember that the context and purpose of financing play a crucial role in determining the most suitable approach. Whether it’s a startup bridge or short-term financing, understanding the nuances ensures effective financial management.

Connect with our STF Investment Team for compliance and requirements: stf.investment@asia3000capital.com


SCL / BCL is part of our Capital Solutions under SCL Term: 

Usually, the loan term refers to the duration over which the borrower will repay the loan. It’s essential to find a term that aligns with the borrower’s business plans and financial projections. Longer terms may offer lower monthly payments but could result in higher overall interest costs. At ASIA 3000 CAPITAL, we offer BCL or SCL Term instead of a loan with the right term in our Capital Solutions you'll enjoy financial freedom and save more time and effort versus the other lender offering a loan. GET THE BASED LINES OF CREDIT SUITABLE FOR YOU! connect with us credit@asia3000capital.com  

Interest Rate:

The interest rate determines the cost of borrowing. Lenders consider factors such as creditworthiness, market conditions, and the type of loan when setting the rate. Borrowers should aim for competitive rates that fit their budget. At ASIA 3000 CAPITAL you can choose the Capital Solutions Term of 6 months or 12 months for STF and 5 years or 10 years or more for SCL subject for approval of our Capital Solutions & Investments Team.

Yearly/Monthly Payment:

in SCL we accept Yearly, or the monthly payment is the amount the partners must pay regularly to repay the SCL / STF. It’s crucial to ensure that this payment is manageable within the business’s cash flow.

Collateral Requirements:

Many commercial loans require collateral—a valuable asset that secures the loan. Collateral provides lenders with security in case of default. Borrowers should understand the collateral requirements and evaluate what assets they can pledge. It's a different approach with ASIA 3000 CAPITAL. Connect to our Team for more information.


Loan covenants are specific conditions or restrictions imposed by the lender. These may relate to financial ratios, business performance, or other factors. Borrowers must comply with these covenants throughout the loan term.

Remember, finding the right balance between these criteria ensures a mutually beneficial STF or SCL agreement for both the partners and the capital solutions provider.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask! at scl.investment@asia3000capital.com

BA and M&A

Our business buyout finance and investment management effectively serve as a source of competitive advantage. Leveraging our expertise in mergers and acquisitions within the fintech, modern banking, and finance services sectors, we empower our clients for success.

Our Business Acquisition Strategy Excels: With our expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions, we’ve developed a winning approach that sets us apart in the industry. You can trust that our strategy won’t lead you astray.

Experience the Industry-Leading M&A Expertise: Our business acquisition strategy stands out as the best. Backed by seasoned experts in M&A, we ensure a path to success that minimizes risk and maximizes value.

Strategic insights and expertise are key drivers in achieving business goals! If you have any more thoughts or need further assistance, feel free to share and connect with us at connect@asia3000capital.com 



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